Do you have contractor clients or prospects that bid on government projects – federal, state or local?  Most likely those employers are subject to the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act, Service Contract Act or select Taft-Hartley groups with available benefit funds. If yes, Fringe Assist wants you to read further about an exciting new offering.

By Thomas Tuckerman:

President Trump and congressional Democrats want to spend $1 trillion to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges, tunnels, airports and other infrastructure. If even a fraction of the funds are approved by Congress, it could start a boom for construction work and spark a boon for employee benefits.

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By Thomas Tuckerman:

I have been in the insurance industry for longer than I can remember and still come across policies where I do not recognize the name of the insurance carrier.  This is often alarming and creates concern as I go about investigating whether or not the carrier will be around to fulfill their promise to the insured.  It doesn’t need to cost more money to be with a “known name”, and peace of mind is very valuable and so is a good nights sleep!

Here is a recent article from Advisory HQ with their opinion on who should be on your short list and why.  Have a look and reach out with any questions.